MINIMAL FASHION | 5 December 2015

12 of our favorite Winter basics

Yeah, yeah: Candles, gifts and family time is all good… But I’d trade it all in for sunshine and temperatures that won’t result in a red nose and tingling fingers. So to survive these temperatures while still looking moderately okay, I’ve made a selection of my favorite items in store that are perfect for layering. I made sure the selection mostly consists of highstreet items, as our bankaccounts are looking grimmer by the day (christmas time is expensive guys!).

Six of the 12 items are a selection of personal favorites that turned out to be staple pieces (I’ve checked my closet and selected the pieces that were a favorite these last months). And I learned that my style isn’t changing that much: shapeless sweaters and vests will always be a favorite, just as white sneakers and oversized scarfs. Especially when temperatures drop I’m much less interested in looking interesting. But enough about that, let’s see why these six items made it on the list and what’s on the wish list for the coming months!

Personal favorites: 

  1. COS vest
    This super long cardigan is a life saver! Incredibly warm, but the cut is super minimal.
  2. Mango blazer
    The double breasted blazer is a must have this season and this one has an okay price tag, is made out of beautiful fabric (well done Mango!) and fits comfortable.
  3. COS roll neck
    Sold out online, but try the stores cause these roll necks are comfortable and made out of quality fabric. Perfect item to layer under just about anything.
  4. Acne scarf
    A favorite of fashion junkies for many years now. A lot of colors have sold out, but if you keep an eye out on the Acne website you might get lucky. After months I finally saw the camel colored one online and clicked it home immediately.
  5. COS flats
    Although flats aren’t really appropriate, these are perfect for the slightly warm Winter days as you can wear small socks in them.
  6. Adidas Stan Smith
    Still the pair I grab when I don’t know what to wear. Pair them with woolen socks and vintage Levi’s for the perfect comfortable look.

On the wish list:

  1. H&M leather trousers
    Flared cropped leather trousers, need we say more?!
  2. Acne roll neck
    Tried this sweater in Copenhagen and it has been on the wish list ever since. Pretty expensive, but one sweater that adds something to your wardrobe is an investment piece right? And we always have the sales… Hoping to find this one with a nice discount.
  3. Zara heels
    Although I have put a ban on anything higher than a 6cm heel, these are stuck in my head. How cool would these look under Levi’s jeans?
  4. Levi’s wedgie
    Talking about Levi’s: they now offer the perfect alternative to the classic 501. A better fit, but still high waisted, slightly cropped with the classic buttons.
  5. H&M and COS coats
    I have enough coats, but if you’re still looking for one: the camel one by H&M and the black one by COS are a pretty good deal!