While in Paris: new sale buy

Parisian streets, buildings and balconies are instantly recognisable. And no matter what you are wearing, your surroundings will influence the level of chicness. I’m typing this while I’m sitting in a huge suite of Hotel Balmoral and it’ll be hard to leave behind. Although I don’t possess a single drop of je ne sais quoi – and I won’t feel much at home on the long haul – I won’t mind living here for a little while. Shouting a hello from my little balcony, painting my nails red and do my shopping at Le Bon Marche. The dream life.

Unfortunately this dream life will last for just a few hours, so I’m going to turn of the laptop and enjoy Paris. Au revoir!

P.S. Yes, I was not strong enough to resist the sales and bought this Joseph blouse…

I’m wearing:
Joseph blouse | Levi’s jeans
Effra jewellery | Cos glitter socks and sneakers