Well, that was long overdue…

Yep, it’s an old fashioned outfit post. Long overdue! And boy, is it weird to pose in front of a camera again. Never my favorite thing to do, but apparently it’s like riding a bike: my old posing tricks are still there (hide face and act nonchalantly…there’s a camera? Really?). But who cares: time to show what I’ve picked out from the overflowing fashion aisles! These last few months I’ve mainly been stocking up comfortable pieces: jogging trousers (o yeah!), sweaters and flats.

I haven’t touched my heels in a year so it was about time to fully commit to my inner tomboy. All my heels are now proudly displayed on a shelve while I have no intention to sell them. Eye candy. That’s there new status. Out with the old and in with the new!

You always want what you can’t have. Instead of uber straight hair I wanted curls, I’m jealous of afro haircuts and am happy I’m finally not translucent anymore (♪♫Cellophane, my name is cellophane…♪ although I love my little tan, next year I’ll buy sunblock; don’t want to age any quicker than absolutely necessary). But back to wanting what’s not yours: I’m always torn between being a tomboy and being sophisticated. High heels, a nice skirt and good posture. I tried. But I’m officially giving up: slightly sophisticated tomboy it is.

These last months I realized more and more how important it is to stay true to yourself. For instance: I was this frightened girl whenever I had to stand in front of a group and present something. It took me years to stop being paralyzed and start owning my story. I sort of managed to hold my own, but that primal fear never fully evaporated. It’ll always be there and I’ll always hate to stand in front of a group. It’s just what it is. Time to stop giving as much presentations and workshops as I did, and start doing what I’m actually good at: creating stuff. Starting with more outfit posts!

You always want what you can’t have

I’m wearing:
H&M trend blouse & slides (old collection)
Adidas velours jogging trousers 
Kozha Numbers black Ket bag