MINIMAL FASHION | 26 August 2015

4 things to take away from Stockholm Fashion Week

Even though I wasn’t able to make it to Stockholm Fashion Week, that doesn’t mean I’m closely following whats going on. Stockholm is the home of many great designers and innovative designs, so each season my expectations are high. Today marks the last day of Stockholm Fashion Week, so what can we take away from the Stockholm based designers?

Beginning with Carin Wester we see a lot of dark blue and burned red colors dominating the runway. Shirt dresses layered over trousers, fringed details and don’t even get me started about the shoes: love! The one thing we can learn from this show is that layering your clothes in one color makes a nice statement while keeping it simple. 

Filippa K

The master of quality basics and understated chic dressing, shows us a timeless collection. From now on this is all I want to look like when nonchalantly lounging on a yacht. So fix some white pantalons and a white classic blouse and you’re good to go. Keep it simple.


Classic tailoring with black and brown combined in a chic way, it’s not hard to imagine what we’ll be wearing coming seasons. Plus big earrings are making a huge comeback! If we learned anything from AltewaiSaome it’s that a statement earring can spice up any classic look. 

H&M Design Awards

A bit of a strange one as it’s menswear, but Ximon Lee did an outstanding job. His sharp cut layers add volume and playfulness to his menswear collection and I’m secretly hoping his statement collars will be added to a more wearable H&M collection soon. We need some sharpness and edginess in between all the ’70s frivolities!