A home in nude tones

Would move in here right away if I could. I love the open construction with high ceilings and large windows, if I ever move into a new home: high ceilings is the one thing on the wish list. An open space gives such a different feeling than a room with low ceilings and almost no widows: you feel more free. Plus you can hang preposterous large art paintings on the walls and attach multiple swings to your ceiling.

Besides the beautiful building itself, I’m also in love with the decoration and nude tones. The paintings, daybed (especially the day bed!), carpets and lighting work perfectly together. I’m still looking for a similar lamp as the one in the picture on the left. If I had the budget I would go for the version by Workstead, but House Doctor makes a pretty good looking one as well. Ah choices…!


Heide Lerkenfeldt