A skirt in Winter: it’s Paris

A sunny morning in Paris, it just doesn’t get any better does it? It felt like Spring, while it was still middle of the Winter so I HAD to go out. We got up, had breakfast and went to Palais Royal on our crappy bikes ( one day you’re visiting Hermes Maison and the next day you loose all your dignity on a foldable bike). I was all geared up for some museum hopping but, as we soon found out, they were closed. Damn you Armani for wanting to show your new collection there. Making me even more aware I had to go back home and miss Paris fashion week and for ruining my museum time.

But the location. Ooo the location… Beautiful old architecture, stone pillars and a low sun. How could we not shoot my look? I – once again – threw away all dignity and we started shooting. As much as I normally hate standing in front of a camera an public I couldn’t care less this time. One of the clochards wanted to dance with me, people were wondering who the hell I was and we had to share the location with a model and two photographers. Paris: never a disappointment.

I’m wearing:
Jacquemus roll neck | COS skirt
Huawei watch | COS sneakers