MINIMAL INTERIOR | 17 January 2016

Added to our wish list: shelve systems

You might have seen these images floating around Pinterest & Instagram, styled by Lotta Agaton for String. The end result of this collaboration is making our own workspace pale in comparison. Unfortunately for us the String shelve system comes with a hefty price tag. A small bookcase with some shelves and a cabinet costs around €700,-. I wont’ even calculate how much the shelving system in these pictures would cost you (okay, I would: it’s around €2700,-).

But there are some alternatives and we added two of them to this week’s wish list: the Tomasucci book cases via Westwing. And priced at €200,- it’s definitely an attractive alternative to the String shelve system. Besides book cases, we also added a see through top and leather oversized trousers by the way. Happy shopping (but not too much…)!