MINIMAL INTERIOR | 3 January 2016

Added to our wish list: Yulia Tsukerman

We’re always looking for something special, of course we love Hay and Muuto, but young designers often make interesting stuff that you won’t see recur in every interior. Meet Yulia Tsukerman: emigrated to Israel from Moscow, currently living and working in Tel Aviv. We added some of her ceramics to our wish list this week and wanted to tell you a bit more about her and her designs.

Describe your creative process. Where do you start?
There are two types of creative process for me. The first one is well planned and the other one is totally spontaneous. Most of the time I try to plan the whole process, every little detail of it. It probably has to do with my character. Then I design the items in a 3D program and after that I transfer/convert them into clay. This process is correct for tableware and many of my other projects. If the project is more artistic then I start with an idea, with the subject that interests me, I make sketches, try to understand how I can express this idea best in a minimalistic way and only when I get the vision of it I go to the computer and start realizing the project.

What inspired you to begin your collection?
A Jewish wisdom says: “Seek and you shall find”. When you work hard and look for the truth, at some point things just come naturally to you. For me it’s very true in the creative process.Most of the pieces I made actually came to me in my dreams, I remembered them and then made them from porcelain.

Source: I am the lab
Yulia’s Instagram & Etsy shop

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