MINIMAL FASHION | 8 September 2015

All camel look while traveling to Helsinki

I’m on the airport waiting to board for my flight to Helsinki. I’m invited to attend the Helsinki Design Week and I can’t wait to visit Finland for the first time in my life! I decided to dress up for the occasion and go all out with camel. So if you happen to see a camel idiot running around with a croissant in her hand, it’s a good chance that’ll be me.

This week is going to be a week full of changes by the way. After founding MyDubio I’ve had a lot of help from Leon (can’t thank you enough honey!), but lately things got busier and busier. So I’m incredibly happy and relieved I convinced my sister to join the team! We’ve decided to change a few things and Rachèl will be helping me with thinking out new concepts and getting things more organized (although we lookalike, I clearly haven’t inherited any skills on this matter…).

And this month we’ll be trying out one of our first ideas: we’re incorporating design with travel. So say hello to Finland month where we’ll be sharing the best of the best of interior design, fashion and people. I’ll keep you posted about my experience here and will be shooting a shitload of pictures. To new ideas!


I’m wearing:
Charlie May coat | H&M knit & trousers
Newbark sandals | Loxley bag | Ming Yu Wang ring