Amsterdam Fashion Week is in full swing and today is the third day I’m heading to Amsterdam. Although I skipped yesterday, I attended the two first days and wanted to give you the highlights through my eyes. One of my favorite shows was the one by Franzel. Great setting, nice beginning (models entering in non descriptive black dresses wiping each others make-up off and getting dressed in the outfits the male models were wearing) and a great show with the perfect urban pieces. I would wear the outfits of the two guys in a heartbeat! The dance show by Nanine Linning and Iris van Herpen was the ultimate experience. Although not a fashion show, the costumes were intricate and plain at the same time and the choreo was perfection. But then again: I’m a sucker for dance!

1. Franzel | 2. Joelle Boers (fabric) & Bregje Cox (design) | 3. Zero dance show | 4. Ready to Fish | 5. Claes Iversen | 6. Claes Iversen | 7. Claes Iversen