INSPIRATION | 20 August 2015

And then something else happens

Whenever I feel uninspired or feel like I’m stuck, I go to and listen to all those people who’ve seen the light. Unlike me they seem to know exactly what to do and where to go (how do they do that?!). Life holds no mysteries for them, and yes, I kind of feel like an underachiever listening to all those extraordinary people (can’t they just suck at something please!). But… it does help. Listening to someones else’s thought stream, helps to create new ideas and clicks in my own mind. Sometimes just the ‘click’ that I need, sometimes I disappear in the deep dark hole of online youtube vids (three hours gone in the blink of an eye and all I’ve watched is Jimmy Fallon…).

Lately I’m trying to figure out what I should be doing with all the things I’ve learned, my skills and my wish for a creative outlet (which definitely isn’t watching Jimmy Fallon). Do I have to come up with something brilliant in order to be proud of myself or do I have to learn to let go and just enjoy myself along the ride? Is being okay good enough? The internal battle of our generation, isn’t it?

But is it even an either/or decision? Can’t we be brilliant and relaxed at the same time? But then again: brilliancy is almost impossible to achieve. We are human and we will be making mistakes. Lots of them. And sometimes we need a little reminder that being wrong is okay. We need surprises in life. A linear path to succes and fulfillment is boring and a contradiction. Is there even something as easy succes?



“If you really want to rediscover wonder, you need to step out of that tiny terrified space of rightness … and say: “I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.”
Kathryn Schulz