MINIMAL FASHION | 15 June 2015

Anine Bing dress while in Paris

We’ve spend last weekend in Paris, celebrating my birthday. The weather couldn’t have been better, just as the food and company.

We’ve mostly spend our time eating: berthillon ice cream, brunch at Hotel Grand Pigalle and dinner in the hotel we were staying at: Mama Shelter. We’ve visited just one store, conceptstore Merci, and I think it’s an unicum I left empty handed. I must’ve gotten wiser after all…

But the traveling isn’t over yet! We’ve just arrived in our apartment in the south of France and I feel incredibly spoiled after our one month US road trip. While in LA I visited the gorgeous store Anine Bing and picked out three timeless items, one of them was this dress. And I’m seriously living in it ever since I got it. I’ve been wearing it as a dress and as a blouse tucked into flared jeans, washing it with the hand every other day. What can I say: I like simple items I can rely on when getting dressed way too early in the morning.

I’m wearing:
Anine Bing dress | Adidas Stan Smith
Kara x Ssense backpack | Ming Yu Wang ring | Anna Lawska necklace