Three years ago I was eying these gorgeous Balenciaga glove heels. Way too expensive of course… Until I saw them 80% off. After doubting for a few days (what was wrong with me!) I was lucky enough they were still in stock and finally bought my first designer heels. I felt so special wearing them for the first time (and countless times after that)!

That’s the advantage of thinking long and hard about the stuff you buy: the chance you will still like the item years to come is much bigger. I’m not the person to go shopping random anymore, every piece that I buy has been scrutinized over and over again. Does it match with the clothing that’s already in my closet, does is give me that special feeling that makes it all worth it and is it trend-proof? Although my closet is not filled to the brim, I almost never feel like I have nothing to wear (that doesn’t mean my wish list is compact though ;).