BEAUTY | 15 April 2015

Beauty: scrubbing with Tea Face


Let’s talk beauty. One month ago I decided to finally do something about my skincare routine. Foremost because my skin was too dry and nothing seemed to help anymore. I always had a sensitive skin, but these last months I was smearing vaseline all over my skin to combat the feeling of a mask that is too tight. The second reason was that I wanted to remove any products with unnecessary chemicals. In the coming weeks I want to share some of my finds with you, beginning with face scrub.

I always used to think scrubbing was necessary to get rid of dead skin cells, but the more I started reading about skin care the more I learned about the damaging effects of scrubbing. As it turns out it not only removes the upper layer of dead skin cells (which is fine), but can also damage the layer underneath and thus the skin’s barrier.

But I did miss a scrub in my routine, so I started reading about the do’s and don’ts.

How to scrub?
A scrub should not be your sole exfoliant. It’s better to add a BHA or AHA exfoliant which gently removes dead skin cells (I use this one from the Dutch brand Uncover Skincare, but Paula’s Choice offers many products as well). But it’s okay to use a scrub as an addition (once a week for example) if you apply it very gently.

So when YourTea asked me to review their scrub called TeaFace I was all for trying it out (their products are 100% natural and not tested on animals). I gently applied the TeaFace, making light circular motions without scrubbing too hard and let it soak for 10 minutes. Afterwards I rinsed my skin and it felt perfectly clean and smooth. So I finally found a scrub that I will use next to my exfoliant. Clean skin: check! More next week on my daily skin routine!