BEIGE concept store by Nendo

When I stumbled upon these images yesterday, I immediately fell in love with the design. Simple, minimal and light. Three keywords that make any interior work.

After reading some more about this concept, I learned that the owner of fashion brand BEIGE wanted a multi-functional space that would accommodate multiple uses: a shop for selling interior goods, a library space for book-lending and a gallery space for regular events and art exhibitions in addition to the main clothing retail space.

Japanese studio Nendo took the challenge and created three vertical layers by installing a ‘beam’ 2 meters above the floor. The result is an attic-like space for the books, while clothing and bags are hung from the beam and can move freely on eye height. The blocks on the floor can be used a a stepping stone to get to the books, but can also be used to display  artwork.

Absolutely love the idea behind this beautiful store and the perfect end result!