My best buys of 2013 are -surprise surprise- rather colorless: black, white and grey it was. And I don’t think it will change anytime soon (although I saw the perfect soft pink sweater the other day, not sure what’s happening to me ;). But back to a review of last year, these were some of my best buys:

1. Theyskens Theory sweater: it’s comfy but special enough because of the volume and mesh.
2. COS coat: if you ever see me outside, it will be hard to not spot me wearing this coat…
3. Alexander Wang bag: my first designer bag and I didn’t expect I would be enjoying a bag this much.
4. Balenciaga scarf: it’s huge, it’s warm and it’s grey (coincidentally the perfect match to the COS coat).
5. Nike Air Max: I only bought three pairs of shoes this year and these were -hands down- my favorite.
6. Avelon cut-out shirt: it’s a basic but then again it’s not. Love!