Those who follow me on Instagram might already have seen how it all went down during the Mango DIY event, but of course a big recap couldn’t be missed right here on the blog! Last Tuesday I flew to Barcelona early in the morning. In the evening I would meet the others but first things first: shopping! I hired a bike (hey, you gotta live up to the stereotype right) and made a first stop at &OtherStories (what else). After buying the most amazing culottes trousers, I made my way through the neighborhood El Borne. Really cool neighborhood! Lots of gravity with mom and pop shops hidden in the allies. Don’t think the taxi drivers were that happy with me though. I was cycling like crazy, paying too little attention to the traffic and too much to everything else. But I survived! After all the sightseeing (and a little power nap, the bed was just too soft…) it was finally time to meet the others. And binge on the great food of course…  Meeting all the bloggers who I follow on social media for a while now was great! After some drinks in Adonerah’s room it was time to get a good nights rest, which wasn’t a problem at all (I sleep everywhere: in the train back from work, in the airplane, in the park, whenever my head feels the ground I’m gone).

When I opened my eyes the next day (and opened the curtains while still being in bed with my lazy ass – o the luxury) I saw the sun glistering over the see and boats sailing by. I was on the 22nd floor with see view and felt like the luckiest girl in the world! The breakfast was topnotch as well (think pancakes and fresh slizes of pineapple, mango and melon, yum!), so the first day filled with workshops couldn’t have started better. While seated at an enormous table in the most gorgeous green house, Shini showed us some DIY options for the denim shorts we were customizing. Folded denim shorts made darker with black paint was my try to finish my DIY as minimal as possible (and I sneakily left the white denim shorts untouched, they were already perfect and I’ve been living in them the last few days. Sssht don’t tell). The afternoon was even better as we all received our own personalized lomography camera. I love photography, so visiting El Borne for the second time while shooting on film (sentiment!) wasn’t all that shabby. Also not shabby was our dinner in this cute hilltop restaurant.

The next day we walked up to Parc de la Ciutadella to start the third workshop (amazingly decorated as well by the great Mango team!). This time poor denim dungarees and a kaki dress were the victim of potatoes smeared with paint (and me making an extra garment to throw over the dungarees: a kimono). After some lounging in the park, it was sadly enough already time to head back to the hotel. I had an hour left to lounge with the girls near the swimming pool and that was it: bye bye to luxury, sun and Barcelona!

Big thumbs up for the Mango team, I had the most amazing time!

Pics 2,3,4,8,11,14,15 and 18 are shot by Cup of Couple, the rest by me.