Why taking a break was the best thing I’ve done this year

I’m back! This summer I took an unplanned two month blogging break and it was one of the better decisions, although it was not a conscious one. Why? Because I had to open up my mind again. I just read something in Creativity Inc (by president of Pixar Ed Catmull) and all I could think was: yes, yes, yes! How can the man be right about everything. Truly: if you haven’t read it yet, you must. Here it is: “When a new company is formed, its founders must have a startup mentality—a beginner’s mind, open to everything because, well, what

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Arnhemse Stockdagen 2016

The Arnhemse Stockdagen are here! It is one of those events were you have the best of both worlds: discounts and designer collections. From interior to fashion and from small entrepreneurs to Arnhem based designers who are well known in the Netherlands. Yesterday was the first day and within a few hours I quickly tried to cover as much ground as possible. Every year I’m truly amazed by the quality. The combination of well known stores such as Humanoid (think Acne in sale and their own collection with great discounts) and designers such as Klaas Kuiken (the vase is his design) and the

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