Calm before the storm

Deadlines, appointments and travelling. It isn’t always the perfect combination but if I’m being really honest then I thrive. Not really sure if it’s a blessing (or curse) of our generation, but whenever there’s a relatively slow period my mind starts to wander. I’m less productive, start procrastinating and feel at unease. Sure, in the middle of a busy storm you’re wondering what the hell’s got into you and why did you say ‘yes’ to so many projects. But those quiet moments, just before all hell breaks loose, are the moments I live for. The moments you suddenly appreciate because you realise how

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Enjoying the small moments of daily life

Ever since making happiness my number one goal, a lot of small and big things changed in my life. It felt strange to declare that happiness was my goal, almost as if I wasn’t happy before. Which I was! But sometimes I wasn’t prioritizing right. Unimportant things became important and vice versa. Security and money guided my choices way more than they should have. I’m not saying I’m the Dali Lama – far from, my state of enlightenment isn’t anywhere near – but I feel like I’m one step closer to what life should be about. One of the big things that

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TRAVEL | 31 May

Dipping your toes in Scandinavian waters

On this rainy depressing day in March I booked tickets to Stockholm on impulse. Sweden in may wasn’t the safest bet, so we rented a car to make sure we could drive somewhere where the sun was shining. But it turned out that we were extremely lucky, so we ditched the rental car and took the boat instead. Finally we had the chance to visit the Stockholm archipelago! The boat trip to the islands felt like we were on a proper holiday. Leaving the city, cruising through countless small islands and seeing more and more nature. After 1,5 hour we reached

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Garden renovations part 1: wish list

This year we finally FINALLY tackled something which we’ve bene postponing for years: renovating our outdoor area. First we had to get past the money draining house itself and after we finally got to see some satisfying bank accounts we’re now waving goodbye to it again and hello to a new and improved view. Ah well, the things we do. But the best part of renovating is finally here: buying de decorations. I absolutely love to slowly get an idea of what it is I want for a new space and then find the best and cheapest possible way to

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Testing the new Huawei phone

Yeah, yeah I’m an absolute Apple freak. But… last week I took the plunge and I tested the new Huawei P9. So how did an Apple junky make the transfer? It included some staring at the phone (looks are important!) and spending some time getting to know each other. Taking things slow, you know. And I must say: the transition was much easier than expected. I’m used to an iPhone 6+ and I do wish the screen of the Huawei was a little bit bigger, but the camera feature… If there’s one feature that makes the Huawei P9 special, it’s the camera

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