So hello to my first sale buy of this season! An Alexander Wang fanny pack, also known as a bumbag or belt bag (sounds much more sophisticated right). On a shopping spree in Boston I spotted this bumbag on a mannequin and just had to try it on. So wrong, it’s right! And I am not the only one who is starting to warm up to this eighties revival. Celine has the perfect version in the new collection (only €1200,-…) and I’m sure Zara will follow soon. If I was swimming in money, the Celine bumbag would be mine by now. However, I do like to live in a heated house and eat some decent food so I waited patiently until the price of this one dropped 50%. And last week it finally did!

I can’t find this belt bag with 50% off anymore, but with a bit of luck this black one and this white one will be marked down to 50% as well. Happy sale shopping!