INSPIRATION | 27 August 2015

Calling myself out for cliched, is cliched

Wanting to come up with that one brilliant unique idea is something that I have always wanted (last weeks ramblings said as much). Somehow I think that one brilliant idea equals a life of clarity, fulfillment and succes. Rationally I know this is a short sided vision, cause what makes an idea brilliant exactly? And what about timing? Enough brilliant companies fail. Before youtube there was for example, a company with the exact same idea only a few years earlier. They had investors, a business plan, the whole shebang. But they didn’t make it. Why? Bill Gross states it’s because of bad timing. High-speed internet and the quality of the camera’s weren’t up to par with what needed in order to achieve succes.

So why do we dream about creating that one special thing when the chance of thinking of something completely unique and turning it into a succes is slim? I don’t know the answer for sure, but I think partly because the whole concept of one simple idea is so easy to grasp. You can almost taste it. But this feeling of being so close to making a difference, also leads to self doubt. The more we know, the more we realize everything has already indeed been done and everything has already been said.

“Calling myself out for cliched, is cliched” 

– Tavi Gevinson

But here’s where Tavi comes in: she states that you can get inspiration from everything and everyone around you without detracting from your sense of self. You don’t need to come up with unique ideas perse; you can get inspired by other people and see where the journey leads you. “Fan-girling is not purely about the subject of your fandom, it is actually entirely a reflection of you.” Tavi’s statement helped me to see that it doesn’t matter where I get my inspiration from, as long as it forms new connections (in my own head that is). And maybe, just maybe, I can add something to all that exists because I made different connections based on all that exists. Or not.

“It is hard to create things to share to begin with because it feels like everything has already been said, and ever story has been told and every song has already been written.”
Tavi Gevinson