Calm before the storm

Deadlines, appointments and travelling. It isn’t always the perfect combination but if I’m being really honest then I thrive. Not really sure if it’s a blessing (or curse) of our generation, but whenever there’s a relatively slow period my mind starts to wander. I’m less productive, start procrastinating and feel at unease. Sure, in the middle of a busy storm you’re wondering what the hell’s got into you and why did you say ‘yes’ to so many projects. But those quiet moments, just before all hell breaks loose, are the moments I live for. The moments you suddenly appreciate because you realise how different it will be in a few hours/days.

In collaboration with Calvin Klein I tried to visualize that precise feeling: a simple look in combination with the minimal Calvin Klein even watch, dark colors contrasting with light colors. The feeling that a storm is coming, calm but full of anticipation. Energy.

Without contrast we wouldn’t be able to attribute value to our experiences: working non­stop for 10 hours but ending the day with a beach stroll, or being a hermit behind your little computer but then meet up with friends during lunch. It’s the highs and lows that make the greys in between special. You don’t have to experience crazy unique moments, as long as the greys are extraordinary.

In collaboration with Calvin Klein

I’m wearing:
Calvin Klein even watch & Calvin Klein beyond ring