MINIMAL FASHION | 4 February 2015

Cameron Krone

We love to get to know inspiring people a little bit better. People who are chasing their dreams and who are not afraid to fail. This month it’s Cameron’s turn, a 31 year old photographer with a minimal aesthetic who happens to be a big time Tiger Woods fan (“for his dedication to the sport”). He worked his way up, from freelance assistant to fulltime photographer shooting for magazines such as V, VMAN, Dazed & Confused, Elle, and Vogue (Foreign Editions).

“After studying business in college, I moved to NY in 2007 and ended up assisting for almost 3 years as a freelance assistant. In 2010 I became a full time photographer. I love the photographic craft in that it’s an instant pleasure to see an image on-screen. And, the pursuit of perfection is evident in the post production process where you attempt to ‘build’ the image into something more special than what was already seen on film.”

Quick decision maker or chronic doubter?
“Quick decision maker using intuition derived from years of experience in the field.”

3 things you can’t live without?
“Golf, music and New York.”

What is the number one piece on your wish list right now?
“A Vacation.”

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
One might expect a famous photographer, but Cameron surprised us by naming Tiger Woods. Dedication and evolution being the keywords in his answer. “Tiger Woods dedication to the sport and his pursuit of constant evolution in his chosen path, is a big inspiration to me”.

Having a source of inspiration can function as a motivator to achieve your goals and in Cameron’s case we can safely assume it all played out. Our favorite series is called ‘Denisa’ (first 3 images and the one one the left). The minimal aesthetic, color tones, expression and clothing all comes together in one perfect blend.

But which photograph or series is he most proud of and why?
“I gain satisfaction from shooting brand direct content as I know my images are helping to further a brand’s existing message. I have been directing my focus towards more brand direct, yet I still derive pleasure from showcasing the technical and creative abilities I have gleaned into editorial work.” 

He dodged that question eloquently indeed.

Most exciting thing happening right now or in the near future?
“My secret, but it will be a game changer!” Mmm, could it be politics? He certainly is good at dodging questions ;) But whatever it may be, we wish you all the best Cameron!

Check out his website for more or follow Cameron on Instagram.