Pirelli calender 2016

While the Pirelli Calendar typically shows picture perfect models, the 2016 version is different. Completely different. “This calendar is so completely different. It is a departure. The idea was not to have any pretense in these pictures and be very straightforward.” – Annie Leibowitz Serena Williams, Amy Schumer, Patti Smith, Tavi Gavinsin and many more represent the strength and uniqueness of women, each photographed in their own way. Amy Schumer, wearing not much except heels and panties, poses nude ironically – as if she didn’t get the memo that this year everybody was dressed. “She got the whole concept completely” according to Annie Leibowitz

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BEAUTY | 2 May

My skincare routine with Uncover

Last week I posted my very first beauty related post. For those of you starting to worry: no need :) MyDubio isn’t turning into a beauty blog (wouldn’t have the knowledge to pull it of), but I wanted to share some new insights with you that made a real difference in my daily skincare routine. I already mentioned I use the Uncover skincare line by Jetske Ultee, and today I wanted to elaborate a bit on that. I wasn’t really aware what was best for my skin as I was pretty lucky: I had a flawless skin (most of the

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BEAUTY | 15 April

Beauty: scrubbing with Tea Face

Let’s talk beauty. One month ago I decided to finally do something about my skincare routine. Foremost because my skin was too dry and nothing seemed to help anymore. I always had a sensitive skin, but these last months I was smearing vaseline all over my skin to combat the feeling of a mask that is too tight. The second reason was that I wanted to remove any products with unnecessary chemicals. In the coming weeks I want to share some of my finds with you, beginning with face scrub. I always used to think scrubbing was necessary to get rid of

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