Working from home: changing things

Since being a full time entrepreneur I spend more days working from home. Of course that’s great: there’s nothing more relaxing as following your own pace and eating/drinking/wearing whatever you want. Not that I’m stress free, there are still deadlines (And I didn’t turn into an alcoholic either, I meant making your own smoothies. Of course.). But the first two weeks I took it a bit too far. I wore a sweater that was starting to pill, some jeans and woolen socks. And I had a hard time convincing myself to do my hair and make-up as well. To sum it up: I looked like a

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Why failure is essential for creativity

Creativity plays a vital part in our lives. Whether we are in a plane 32,000 feet up in the air -and enjoying the luxury of such big creative ideas and innovations – or trying to solve complex problems ourselves. Without creativity we wouldn’t be where we are now. Of course I am stating the obvious, we all now how important it is, especially you guys who have a profound love for design. But it’s not that easy: being creative is difficult. Frustratingly difficult! Especially when you’re not in the flow and deadlines are approaching (I know…). And to make things

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