S01E05 | Incubation time & why we need it

Can there be something as too much input? These last few weeks I’ve spend most of my time outdoors and somehow that went along with less time for social media (hoping to show you guys the outdoor renovation soon but things are progressing sloooooowly…). But something I didn’t expect to happen happened: I felt more inspired after the social media sabbatical. And dare I say… happier. I think I’m just like everyone else: I use social media as my main source of information and inspiration. But there’s so much to see, click and discover. Sometimes it feels hopeless to even

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HAPPINESS | 27 April

S01E04 | Labels can hold you back from changing the world

Here’s the thing: I’m sort of married but I still call Leon my boyfriend. And I know some of you will be thinking: sort of?? What does she mean? Well, in the Netherlands we have something that’s called ‘registered partnership’ (romantic huh) and it’s exactly the same as marriage but when we have kids Leon has to acknowledge the baby officially as his own. And I can almost hear you guys thinking: why didn’t you get a normal marriage in the first place? Because I hated the idea of marriage, that’s why. Wanting to have a piece of paper to

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HAPPINESS | 20 April

S01E03 | Celebrate your uniqueness

It’s official: I’m a Youtube addict. I never really was a fan before, but once you dive in you’re lost. You’re on your own, battling the autoplay function where one video is followed by another and another and… You get the point. But those vloggers can say some pretty on point things sometimes. I just watched an old vlog of Ben Brown where he was saying “celebrate your own uniqueness” and all I could think was: yes! Exactly what we should be doing! Instead of looking up to other people and wanting to do exactly what they do, we should

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S01E02 | If it’s not for you, it’s not for you

I came to realize that if something is not for you, you can try to be whatever it takes to fit in but you just won’t. Knowing what makes you happy is key. Ten years ago there was this story in the newspapers about a seventeen year old boy who happened to have the highest grades of all high school kids. And all he wanted to be was a bus driver. A bus driver! Amazing. He had to wait until he was 21 to actually be able to drive a bus legally, so he went on to study physics. Or

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Why I skipped Fashion Week this season

My very first fashion week was Amsterdam Fashion Week and I had high expectations. Sure, it wasn’t one of the big fashion weeks, but still. It was fashion week! But after a few shows my excitement started to diminish. I loved to see the shows and the clothes, but the whole vibe was not my cup of tea. Lots of ego’s and most of the shows only lasted for 5 minutes. It was so much trouble to go through. Especially when you can check out all the images online, seconds after the show has ended. The next one was Copenhagen

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