Calm before the storm

Deadlines, appointments and travelling. It isn’t always the perfect combination but if I’m being really honest then I thrive. Not really sure if it’s a blessing (or curse) of our generation, but whenever there’s a relatively slow period my mind starts to wander. I’m less productive, start procrastinating and feel at unease. Sure, in the middle of a busy storm you’re wondering what the hell’s got into you and why did you say ‘yes’ to so many projects. But those quiet moments, just before all hell breaks loose, are the moments I live for. The moments you suddenly appreciate because you realise how

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S01E05 | Incubation time & why we need it

Can there be something as too much input? These last few weeks I’ve spend most of my time outdoors and somehow that went along with less time for social media (hoping to show you guys the outdoor renovation soon but things are progressing sloooooowly…). But something I didn’t expect to happen happened: I felt more inspired after the social media sabbatical. And dare I say… happier. I think I’m just like everyone else: I use social media as my main source of information and inspiration. But there’s so much to see, click and discover. Sometimes it feels hopeless to even

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Why failure is essential for creativity

Creativity plays a vital part in our lives. Whether we are in a plane 32,000 feet up in the air -and enjoying the luxury of such big creative ideas and innovations – or trying to solve complex problems ourselves. Without creativity we wouldn’t be where we are now. Of course I am stating the obvious, we all now how important it is, especially you guys who have a profound love for design. But it’s not that easy: being creative is difficult. Frustratingly difficult! Especially when you’re not in the flow and deadlines are approaching (I know…). And to make things

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Geen categorie, INSPIRATION, MINIMAL INTERIOR | 9 January

Working less & switching things up to stay inspired

Here’s a strange thing: this year will be my first year as a full blown ‘real’ entrepreneur. It’s scary (bye, bye security), but I haven’t felt this good about a choice since a long (long!) time! Ever since I came back from my 5 week road trip through the US I couldn’t shake the feeling there’s more than work, work, work. I vowed to myself to stop with my job as a behavioral specialist at the Dutch Tax Administration. I’ve been balancing this job with my two companies (a behavioral change company and this blog) at the same time for

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Pirelli calender 2016

While the Pirelli Calendar typically shows picture perfect models, the 2016 version is different. Completely different. “This calendar is so completely different. It is a departure. The idea was not to have any pretense in these pictures and be very straightforward.” – Annie Leibowitz Serena Williams, Amy Schumer, Patti Smith, Tavi Gavinsin and many more represent the strength and uniqueness of women, each photographed in their own way. Amy Schumer, wearing not much except heels and panties, poses nude ironically – as if she didn’t get the memo that this year everybody was dressed. “She got the whole concept completely” according to Annie Leibowitz

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