DIY: leather notebook

I’m not the only one in the family with a love for DIY’s. My sister and I grew up with parents pretty much making everything themselves, from huge home renovating projects to clothing and jewelry. I remember getting a miniature bunk bed for my dolls. My dad made the bed from wood and my mom made the blankets and pillows. I absolutely adored it! But after doing DIY’s every week for almost 2 years, my ideas and enthusiasm died out a little. It’s hard you guys! Thinking and making something new every week. That’s why I asked my little sis to

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DIY | 30 March

DIY: marble easter eggs

It’s almost Easter! Love this time of the year when temperatures rise and nature awakes. And the benefit of chocolate easter eggs isn’t too bad either. Already ate way too much chocolate eggs (for the Dutchies: Hema crispy eggs are most capable of limiting your self-control). But there are some more healthy options involved as well: plain old normal eggs. If you want to decorate the table in style, this little trick could be the answer. It’s really easy and done within a minute. The blog Hello Natural shows really clear instructions, but just to be sure an overview of the steps involved.

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DIY | 1 March

DIY leather gift pouch

So did any of you guys know about National Employee Appreciation Day (yep, 6 march for the lucky few living in the US). I’m always entertained when I learn about yet another day where we celebrate complete random stuff. In Holland we celebrate Secretary Day for example, we all know World Animal Day and today it’s Namesake Day where we should explore the roots of our names. If you’re curious about more random days of celebration, this site is a gem! But even though it cracks me up we celebrate literally everything, it did gave me the idea to make a simple leather gift pouch. A

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DIY | 22 February

DIY origami card holder

I love the simple philosophy of origami: a piece of paper, a few minutes of folding and you have yourself a little piece of art. But since I’m not an origami master mind, I have pretty much ignored it most of my life (except that folding fase when I was 4). Until today that is. This morning I started experimenting and looking at some examples of Origami pros. In the end I settled on a simple card holder and spend quite some time making the template. But it’s done and I love how simple and minimal it is! Perfect for wrapping

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