DIY | 15 February

DIY: branche hanger

While browsing Pinterest (I’m an addict, you can follow me here), I stumbled upon a great picture by Sarah of Smitten Studio. Sarah made an eucalyptus hanger which functions as the perfect substitute for any mundane art-above-the-couch piece and the minute I saw it I wanted to replicate the exact thing. The only problem was that I needed a smaller size, so in the end I’ve tweaked it a little bit to match the size of the wall I had in mind for it. And I only used materials that I had still left, so the end result is a bit different than

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DIY | 31 January


Since I’m a notebook fanatic and not all of my notebooks have a marker option, I quickly decided what to make for my next DIY project. Hence this minimal book marker made out of leather and magnetic paper. How to make your own? 1. Print this template on normal paper 2. Cut out the template and trace the template onto the leather. 3. Cut out the leather. 4. Attach a thin layer of magnetic paper to the back of the leather with super glue. 5. Fold the bookmark in two. 6. Attach a spring clamp for 24 hours to make sure the

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DIY | 18 January

DIY: Kokedama hanging plant

A bunch of Kokedama plants -the Japanese name for these hanging string gardens- creates a magical feeling when done right and when you have the space (check this one and this one out!). But even when you can only display one or two, the effect is still there. The fact that you can make it as minimal as possible is what spoke to me: black rope instead of brown rope for example, and a succulent instead of a romantic looking plant. On the wish list for quite some time and yesterday I finally had some time to make one. It is

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DIY | 29 December

DIY: minimal calendar 2015

You may have noticed a little less activity on MyDubio (I feel like such a bad blogger!), but I needed some days off. The last week we were very busy working on a new design for MyDubio, so a Christmas break was very welcome. Hopefully the new design will be online next month, in the meantime I will try to blog every day, just like you’re used to :) And speaking about routine: last year was the first year I made a calendar and this year I tweaked it a little bit to make it 2015 proof. A new year,

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DIY | 7 December

5 favorite minimal DIY’s of 2014

As 2014 is nearing its end, we will be wrapping up our favs of the year. Every week I will post an overview of 5 of my favorites of each categorie: DIY’s, outfits, interior shots and buys. And as you can see we will be starting this section with the DIY’s! The ones that I choose are the ones that I use the most and are a key item in our interior. I love how they look solid and professional even though they were relatively easy to make. So here you go my 5 favorite minimal DIY’s: CLOTHING RAIL | The clothing rail really adds something to

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