DIY | 29 November

DIY: minimal advent calendar

Maybe some of you remember last years DIY advent calendar? Well, of course I had to dug these envelopes up again! Okay okay, I admit: mostly because I’m lazy. But also because all those tiny little envelopes look so cute together and are really easy to style. Last year I attached them to a DIY rack, this year to some simple rope. This Monday will be the first day of the advent calendar (how can it be December already?!) and I’m all set. How to make your own? 1. Find a place were you can attach or hang the envelopes. This year

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DIY | 15 November

DIY: ombre christmas ornaments

Last year I made these ombre christmas ornaments (well to be honest, I made everything ombre back then) and it became the most popular DIY I ever made. Countless repins on Pinterest and the most viewed DIY on MyDubio! So in honor of that, I decided to shoot some new pictures. And because it’s still November (sorry guys, couldn’t help myself!) we have more than enough time to make some ourselves. Here’s what to do: -Buy white ornaments or get some old ones in any light color you happen to have lying around somewhere. -Hang the ornaments outside on a piece of rope so you

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DIY | 8 November

DIY: minimal mirror

Maybe you remember this minimal mirror DIY? It was inspired by the Hank mirror of design company LlotLlov (they make such great designs!). Well, the way they incorporated the hook with the rope got stuck in my head and last weekend I decided to make the hook myself. I already had the mirror rope DIY and the hook DIY, so all I had to do was drill a hole. Easy as that! Want to make one for yourself? 1. Buy a broomstick (I bought this one). 2. Saw the broomstick in pieces of 4 cm. 3. Use double sided screws to you attach the

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DIY | 31 October

DIY Halloween Bats

Though I’m skipping Halloween, I could’t help myself making these cute little DIY bats. Super easy to make, just follow these instructions for some last minute Halloween decorations: 1. Print the half-bat template on black paper. 2. Fold the paper in half. 2. Cut out the bats (watch closely for the ink line, as it’s not super visible when printed on black paper). 3. Unfold the bat. 4. Crease the wings in the opposite direction of the crease in the body. And you’re done, happy Halloween!    

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