DIY | 25 October

DIY: leather strap bag holder

Inspired by the Dutch Design Week and specifically Scheublin & Lindeman‘s work, I decided to copy the canvas straps they used for displaying their bags. I swapped the canvas for leather and made a simple version that is perfect for displaying bags or other objects. How to make your own? 1. Get some thick fabric such as leather or canvas. 2. Decide which length suits your interior best (mine is 1 meter by 5 cm). 3. Buy press studs (Prym 8mm press studs). 4. Secure the press studs. 5. The press studs are not really meant for thicker fabric, so you have to

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DIY: minimal hook

While making last weeks DIY with the Muuto dots, I also made this über simple wall hook. Really happy with the end result and I am now thinking about making another one for the living room as well, as they are so easy and functional. And besides being the ultimate minimal wall decoration, they are so easy to make. I especially like that you can make them in the length you need to display your objects properly. Want some yourself? For instructions, check this DIY sans the instruction for the wheel/dot. All you have to do is attach a double sided

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DIY | 11 October

DIY: Muuto dots

This DIY inspired by the Muuto dots was on the agenda for such a long time (I planned on finishing these dots 6 months ago…). So I’m super happy I finally finished it. They are such a great addition to the bedroom! And I like that you can switch things up and change the bedroom without much fuss. Although I love the original Muuto dots, the hefty price tag was a downfall. So -as always- the hardware store came to the rescue. How to make your own? 1. Buy round wooden pieces in different sizes (I bought these as there were no better

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DIY | 4 October

DIY minimal hanger

Post cards, business cards and notes are spread all over my home. Whenever I get a new card it ends up somewhere in the living room, mostly resulting in a messy pile on my side tables. A month ago this idea got stuck in my head: some simple tubes and rope to make a minimal hanger for all your paper stuff. Cleans up those piles of paper and gives a nice touch to an otherwise empty corner. How to make your own? 1. Get some white tubes of around 20cm. I painted copper tubes that I had left from a previous DIY

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DIY | 27 September

DIY: leather trivet

Sometimes all you need is a simple object. I needed a coaster and trivet in one for some hot pans and bowls of food that added something to the table setting as well, besides being functional. Within 5 minutes I was done cutting a circle out of a left over piece of leather and I’m really happy with the result: no fuss, no details. Just a simple functional object serving its purpose. How to make your own? Normally I give instructions, but this really is a no-brainer DIY so all I an say is: get some leather and start cutting!    

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