DIY | 20 September

DIY candle holder

Inspired by the Hay Kutter candle holder, I decided to make something similar out of clay (okay, not quite similar but Hay is difficult to top you guys). The whole idea of a tea light and a regular candle combined into one design object made sense, I mean: the more, the better right. If you think so too, here’s what to do for this DIY: 1. Get some air dry clay. 2. Print this template and trace it onto the clay. 3. Cut the clay, use a rolling pin to even everything out. 4. Push the candle and tea light

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DIY | 13 September

DIY: frame a quote

There are several frames on our wall and every once in a while I change things up. For the bigger frame there are some limitations as what fits though. It has to be an image with lots of white to avoid that this one huge image overrules the entire space. Putting a quote in a large frame is the perfect solution and one of the cheapest options out there. What to do? 1. Buy a big sheet of white paper, I bought one for €0,80. 2. Print a quote on normal A4 paper. 3. You can use the one I have by printing

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DIY | 6 September

DIY clothing rail

Annaleena makes minimal designs that somehow are always exactly all they should be. Her clothing rails have been on my mind for a while now but the size of the rails didn’t fit our hall, so that was that: regular hooks for me. Until I started making DIY’s regularly and I figured that I would just make one myself. But somehow this project got postponed for more than 6 months… Last week however I finally finished this DIY. I found the perfect DIY instructions online by the way, so check it out if you want to make your very own

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DIY | 30 August

DIY wrapping paper

I love minimal wrapping paper, but giving people presents in plain white paper never feels quite right. Foremost because not everybody is into minimal (yep, don’t understand that one bit indeed). Okay okay, I can imagine that it’s perfectly possible that they will start wondering if we were too lazy buying some decent wrapping paper (uhm yes, but that’s not the point).  The point is: it’s super simple to turn white paper into something less officious by painting it yourself. I added tiny paint splashes all over the paper to create wrapping paper that is still minimal but is not boring or too

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DIY | 23 August

DIY: ghost figure

When we visited the Asplund store in Stockholm their annual sale just started. Now we’re talking! I was happily collecting candle holders and vases while Leon was hovering around the store, kinda looking bored. Poor guy! But I swear I tried to keep the shopping to a minimum (with emphasis on trying), but we had major breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners to compensate (it’s a good thing we went kayaking…). However, when I wanted to pay, Leon started pointing rather enthusiastically at this little ceramic figure. I had no idea why he wanted it so badly but who was I to say no. I couldn’t even have pronounced the

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