Mother’s day & old sentiments with Skagen

Growing up, meant we got more serious with the Mother’s Day gifts. Out were the drawings and introduced were perfumes (always the same, her favorite) and more and more gifts. When I was thirteen I loved that I was being able to buy a gift and couldn’t think of anything more lame then giving her a selfmade thing. Such a shame! Thinking back I think something selfmade is the best thing you can give (apart from a few years ago when we gave her painted plates and she mainly looked puzzled. She claims it’s because we did such a good job she thought we

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All-occasion dressing with Calvin Klein

Who knew that renovating a garden could be a full blown work-out?! And even though there were some days that I couldn’t really move anymore, I loved it! And I’m still loving it. We’re nowhere near finished, but the whole process is so rewarding. Every step of the way gives you such direct feedback. You buy wood, nail it to some other pieces, et voila: wood board decking. It’s such a difference compared to normal work life, where the seed you put in the ground has a 50% change of blooming and it may not even be the flower you’d

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Why I skipped Fashion Week this season

My very first fashion week was Amsterdam Fashion Week and I had high expectations. Sure, it wasn’t one of the big fashion weeks, but still. It was fashion week! But after a few shows my excitement started to diminish. I loved to see the shows and the clothes, but the whole vibe was not my cup of tea. Lots of ego’s and most of the shows only lasted for 5 minutes. It was so much trouble to go through. Especially when you can check out all the images online, seconds after the show has ended. The next one was Copenhagen

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Working from home: changing things

Since being a full time entrepreneur I spend more days working from home. Of course that’s great: there’s nothing more relaxing as following your own pace and eating/drinking/wearing whatever you want. Not that I’m stress free, there are still deadlines (And I didn’t turn into an alcoholic either, I meant making your own smoothies. Of course.). But the first two weeks I took it a bit too far. I wore a sweater that was starting to pill, some jeans and woolen socks. And I had a hard time convincing myself to do my hair and make-up as well. To sum it up: I looked like a

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Light and dark, with a golden touch

Every year it’s the same thing: I’m starting to feel very uninspired with Winter wear and am longing for Spring. These last few weeks I wore the same things over and over again (yes, also in the jewelry and bag department… I’m addicted to gold and tan at the moment.). Even Fashion Week and all the fresh Fall 2016 looks can’t prevent me from pulling the same thing out of the closet. First I was convinced some sunshine would be the solution, but now I’m not sure anymore. Ever since making the choice of being more strict in what items will be added to

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