Arnhemse Stockdagen 2016

The Arnhemse Stockdagen are here! It is one of those events were you have the best of both worlds: discounts and designer collections. From interior to fashion and from small entrepreneurs to Arnhem based designers who are well known in the Netherlands. Yesterday was the first day and within a few hours I quickly tried to cover as much ground as possible. Every year I’m truly amazed by the quality. The combination of well known stores such as Humanoid (think Acne in sale and their own collection with great discounts) and designers such as Klaas Kuiken (the vase is his design) and the

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Garden renovations | Concrete terrace

Hello pretty corner! I was so relieved when this was finally done! We had some bad luck with this concrete floor and ended up having to remove the complete floor after attempt number one. Combined with temperatures that suddenly dropped, we really were in for a surprise… Apparently you can only poor concrete when the temperatures are high enough, so we ended up with a sandbox right before our door for several months. Ah well, we quickly forgot all about it after it was finally done! Absolutely in love with the result! My very own concrete corner. I also fully grabbed the

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Enjoying the small moments of daily life

Ever since making happiness my number one goal, a lot of small and big things changed in my life. It felt strange to declare that happiness was my goal, almost as if I wasn’t happy before. Which I was! But sometimes I wasn’t prioritizing right. Unimportant things became important and vice versa. Security and money guided my choices way more than they should have. I’m not saying I’m the Dali Lama – far from, my state of enlightenment isn’t anywhere near – but I feel like I’m one step closer to what life should be about. One of the big things that

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