Enjoying the small moments of daily life

Ever since making happiness my number one goal, a lot of small and big things changed in my life. It felt strange to declare that happiness was my goal, almost as if I wasn’t happy before. Which I was! But sometimes I wasn’t prioritizing right. Unimportant things became important and vice versa. Security and money guided my choices way more than they should have. I’m not saying I’m the Dali Lama – far from, my state of enlightenment isn’t anywhere near – but I feel like I’m one step closer to what life should be about. One of the big things that

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Garden renovations part 1: wish list

This year we finally FINALLY tackled something which we’ve bene postponing for years: renovating our outdoor area. First we had to get past the money draining house itself and after we finally got to see some satisfying bank accounts we’re now waving goodbye to it again and hello to a new and improved view. Ah well, the things we do. But the best part of renovating is finally here: buying de decorations. I absolutely love to slowly get an idea of what it is I want for a new space and then find the best and cheapest possible way to

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Salone del Mobile | Milan

This year is the first year we’ll be visiting Salone del Mobile in Milan, which is the most well known design fair of Europe. Or as they say themselves: “where everyone who’s anyone on the international furniture design and manufacturing scene comes together to keep up with the latest developments in the field”. Up until now we couldn’t match our agenda’s with the fair, so we’re really curious to see the latest developments and innovations. Seeing a concrete end result of a designers’ thought process is special and precious. The search for the right materials, the battle of production and staying within

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Minimal design grow lights

Cold hands, obligated woolen socks, dark mornings and no sun kissed skin. Winter is not for me. And I’m not the only one suffering. My plants are too. At the moment I’m the proud owner of -yes, I’ve counted them – 23 plants and they are all still alive. I don’t know when I went from plant killer to plant lover, but some of them have been alive for 4 years now! But here’s the problem: during the Winter there’s not enough light for my herbs to survive more than one week out of the supermarket. Which is getting very

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Thinking inside the box with Lotta Agaton for Note Design

Thinking outside the box was something I heard regularly among project groups. Everybody seemed to agree it was a necessary skill, and everybody thought they were capable of doing it. Sure, we all can think outside the box. But really really letting go of already existing ideas, ignoring social pressure and coming up with something refreshing? Well, it’s a damn hard job! Everything has already been said, and everything has already been done. But Lotta Agaton manages to stick to her style while keeping things fresh. I remember reading somewhere that she wants her styling to be as timeless as possible,

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