Discovering the unknown

Ever since I had this crazy idea in my mind of visiting another country once a month, I feel much more energized! Discovering the unknown, getting a feeling of what it is like to live somewhere else. Probably the number one reason I like to revisit hotels and search for the perfect Airbnb apartments. This was our apartment when we visited Copenhagen two years ago. That view! Aah, could easily see myself living there! But back to this year’s crazy cool! As some of you guys pointed out, I am indeed lucky to be living in Europe. Would’ve been a

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Tips for compact living with EeStairs

We all love to drool over enormous open spaces with room for extensive art collections, walk-in-closets and huge dining tables, but unfortunately many of us aren’t so lucky and have to make the best of a compact living space. Not that it’s a bad thing, we just need to improvise a little. Today we teamed up with EeStairs to show you how to make the most use of every square meter. And they took this quite literally: EeStairs designed the 1m2 stairs, a stair that only takes up 1 square meter (see the first picture below). Now, that’s being efficient with

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A visit to the workshop of Puiforcat

Seeing a group of people working meticulously on a tiny spoon – bending, engraving and polishing it – is immensely inspiring. When receiving the invite from Puiforcat to visit their workshop in Paris, I couldn’t have imagined it to be like this. Ancient working materials, 300 different kind of hammers and thousands of tiny iron files. A normal size tray can take up to 80 hours. I tried to fish for the price, but didn’t get an exact price. But let’s assume it doesn’t come cheap. A complete dining set can take up to three months before its done. Trust

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Discovering Bauhaus in Germany

Germany is so close to where I live (only a 20 minute car ride) but I haven’t seen the majority of it. Ever since I was young I wanted to visit sunny countries, more exotic places. Germany is so similar to the Netherlands that I kind of ignored it for most of my teen years. Until I visited Berlin. Absolutely love that city! The whole food scene is incredible, just as the coffee scene and the city has a relaxt vibe while still feeling metropolitan (at least compared to other German cities). Sometimes you visit places and you feel right

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Added to our wish list: shelve systems

You might have seen these images floating around Pinterest & Instagram, styled by Lotta Agaton for String. The end result of this collaboration is making our own workspace pale in comparison. Unfortunately for us the String shelve system comes with a hefty price tag. A small bookcase with some shelves and a cabinet costs around €700,-. I wont’ even calculate how much the shelving system in these pictures would cost you… But there are some alternatives and we added two of them to this week’s wish list: the Tomasucci book cases. And priced at €200,- it’s definitely an attractive alternative to the

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