A skirt in Winter: it’s Paris

A sunny morning in Paris, it just doesn’t get any better does it? It felt like Spring, while it was still middle of the Winter so I HAD to go out. We got up, had breakfast and went to Palais Royal on our crappy bikes ( one day you’re visiting Hermes Maison and the next day you loose all your dignity on a foldable bike). I was all geared up for some museum hopping but, as we soon found out, they were closed. Damn you Armani for wanting to show your new collection there. Making me even more aware I had to

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A visit to the workshop of Puiforcat

Seeing a group of people working meticulously on a tiny spoon – bending, engraving and polishing it – is immensely inspiring. When receiving the invite from Puiforcat to visit their workshop in Paris, I couldn’t have imagined it to be like this. Ancient working materials, 300 different kind of hammers and thousands of tiny iron files. A normal size tray can take up to 80 hours. I tried to fish for the price, but didn’t get an exact price. But let’s assume it doesn’t come cheap. A complete dining set can take up to three months before its done. Trust

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Discovering Bauhaus in Germany

Germany is so close to where I live (only a 20 minute car ride) but I haven’t seen the majority of it. Ever since I was young I wanted to visit sunny countries, more exotic places. Germany is so similar to the Netherlands that I kind of ignored it for most of my teen years. Until I visited Berlin. Absolutely love that city! The whole food scene is incredible, just as the coffee scene and the city has a relaxt vibe while still feeling metropolitan (at least compared to other German cities). Sometimes you visit places and you feel right

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While in Paris: new sale buy

Parisian streets, buildings and balconies are instantly recognisable. And no matter what you are wearing, your surroundings will influence the level of chicness. I’m typing this while I’m sitting in a huge suite of Hotel Balmoral and it’ll be hard to leave behind. Although I don’t possess a single drop of je ne sais quoi – and I won’t feel much at home on the long haul – I won’t mind living here for a little while. Shouting a hello from my little balcony, painting my nails red and do my shopping at Le Bon Marche. The dream life. Unfortunately

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Highlights Dutch Design Week 2015

Innovative designs, young and established designers and a cool backdrop sums up Dutch Design Week, which kickstarted last weekend and will continue this week until the 15th of october. I pay a visit every year, but this year we decided to take a more relaxed approach and book a hotel. Apart from the bumpy start (public transport wasn’t cooperating) we didn’t want it to end, two days filled with design and great food is pretty much how we’d love to spend every day of the year. Are you visiting as well? The Dutch Design Week is huge and one day

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