TRAVEL | 13 October

US Road trip | week 2

Prepare yourself for an overload of pictures… I had a hard time narrowing down these to a manageable selection as the second week was one of the best weeks nature wise. You might remember the first week ended in Vegas, and after taking a much needed bath and pampering ourselves with great food and pool days we headed to the Grand Canyon. We’ve been there before and were doubting about going back (it’s too touristy), but since it was on our way we decided it would be a pity to ignore such beauty. So we camped one night at Matter

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TRAVEL | 29 September

US road Trip | Week 1

The day before we were going to fly I couldn’t comprehend we’d be away for more than a month. Deadlines, to-do’s and appointments were still going through my head and there were moments during the day that I forgot all about our US road trip. Which was weird, as I normally am fully obsessed with leaving. You know: that feeling of being sick of every little nagging detail of your life and it’s almost unbearable to still have to work for a couple of days (you’re starting to question how you were able to go without a holiday for so long…). Well, I wasn’t

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TRAVEL | 7 September

Tourist in own country: Maastricht

Whenever I’m traveling I feel recharged and full of ideas and energy. All the unknown landscapes, objects and people. It gives me new input, and stimulates my creativity. But… I can’t travel 24/7. So where the hell should I get my inspiration from?? Well, it got me thinking. Why do I feel inspired when I travel? After giving it some thought it seemed it was not the traveling per se, but it was simply the things I was doing. When I’m home I’m working non-stop and sitting behind my computer, I’m definitely NOT visiting museums or go sightseeing. So 1 + 1

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TRAVEL | 3 September

Planning a road trip through the US

Planning a road trip though the US takes time: there are so many options and places to go. But since it was our second time on the west coast we knew a little bit better what we wanted to include in our journey: less of the bigger parks and more of the less known parks, while getting some moments of luxury by visiting cities in between. We booked as little in advance as possible and went where our mood and the weather took us. And today I want to share with you our itinerary: what did we do during those 5 weeks of traveling?

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Vintage Levi’s jeans

This weekend we were invited by Stijl Maastricht to attend the opening of Stijl Men and Stijl Fine Living. Two gorgeous stores, completing the Stijl Maastricht brand. Besides selling the best Scandinavian brands, they are also located in one of the prettiest Dutch cities. The sun was out, we had nice dinners outside and did some shopping and sightseeing. The perfect weekend! And what made the weekend even better was that I finally found the perfect vintage Levi’s. The Brandweer Kazerne (must visit!) was hosting it’s vintage kilo sale and I snapped up three trousers (this one and two leather trousers) for

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