While in Paris I did not buy anything fashion related. Nothing! Yes, I was quite shocked myself. I saw the perfect thigh high boots, but for €580,- I decided to quickly walk away. I also saw a really cool leather jacket 50%, but I’m not sure if leather jackets and I will ever be a good match. I don’t own any leather jackets and have not missed them in my closet thus far. So, we can safely say that budget wise it was a good city trip.

I did buy some interior related stuff though. While browsing the museum store at Centre Pompidou (museum stores are always so good!), I saw two stoneware clay items by Catherine Lovatt. Catherine is a Belgium ceramist artist and has been working with big companies such as Serax. She designed a dish ware series consisting of six basic shapes and I have wanted the bowl and milk jug for a long time. It was meant to be when I saw these exact two items with 50% off. Paris soldes, it was a pleasure!

P.S. J. Levau has some left with a discount :)