MINIMAL FASHION | 13 February 2015

How to combine your minimal style with the ’70s trend

The ’70s trend has slowly been creeping up on us for the past three months and this year there’s no stopping it.  Zara’s look book is one big ’70s revival campaign, Mango isn’t doing to shabby either with a gorgeous campaign staring Anna Ewers.

Suede, lots of denim, flared jeans, belted sleeves and small waists: completely different than the norm core and minimal trend we’ve all been loving so much. So what to do: ignore this whole ’70s trend? Of course not! We just have to figure out how we can take all the ’70s elements that feel fresh while staying true to ourselves. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between anything minimal and basic and the more frivolous ’70s.

Let’s start with a pointer that might be helpful: fabrics. The minimal style is only interesting if you pay attention to fabrics and shapes, same goes for the ’70s trend.But which fabrics will do the trick?

1. Denim
An all denim look is the safest way to explore if the ’70s are your thing. H&M, Zara and Mango all offer flared jeans for around €40,- so you can safely try it out without hurting your bank account (love these frayed ones by Zara). Add a denim blouse and you’re done!

2. Suede
Another fabric that is a hard to mis is suede. Suede dresses, skirts, tops, trousers. As long as there is some suede involved, it will be on the runway or in the stores coming season. This split skirt by Asos for example is perfect for any minimal/70s look!

3. Linnen
Natural linen fabrics are perfect for Summer and adding some beige linen details to your outfit, will make you look like a ’70s / The Row hybrid (and anything with The Row vibes is a plus!).

4. Knits
We already were inseparable with our knits, so it is the perfect way to explore the ’70s trend. A knitted top made out of different yarn colors for example. such as the one from Mango displayed below (last row of pictures).

Next to fabrics, there are also some elements that will be perfect for any minimal ’70s look. Try to stick to the shapes that suit your style and keep everything else as minimal as possible.

1.  Cropped flared denim
I love culottes, I love flares and I love denim. Needless to say the H&M trousers pictured below is a definite yes: a perfect hybrid between culottes and a seventies flared jeans.

2. Lace up sandals
Last year we already saw some lace up sandals (loved the ones by Celine!) and this year the high street offers some more budget friendly options. Mango has two versions that are pretty perfect. The ones below are a fav!

3. Fringes
And last but not least: anything with fringes is a yes.


What do you think: are you loving this whole ’70s thing or is it a definite no?