Up until a month ago minimal thin rings and tiny earrings were the only jewelry pieces evoking my interest. But things changed and slightly more bulky pieces started to catch my eye, and it made me wonder: could this be the end of an era? Are we back to square one a.k.a. statement pieces (I was rocking those statement necklaces not long ago…)? I’m not sure yet. I do love the big earrings by Celine and Louis Vuitton, but I’m taking this one slow. For now I am all for combining the two opposites with each other: my new Ming Yu Wang rings and earrings (so gorgeous!) with a thin ring and Jane Kønig earring.

Update: the lovely Jen of Ming Yu Wang just fixed a discount code to shop with 10% off! Use joycecroonen10 until March 1st. Happy shopping!