MINIMAL FASHION | 8 December 2015

Reinventing oneself or making small changes?

A new year means new possibilities. And although reinventing oneself is easier said then done, it’s exactly what we’re trying to do when shopping. New trends show endless possibilities of personas you could slip in and out to, shoes have to power to transform any outfit and layers give you the possibility to show nuance after nuance. It’s kind of the whole point of fashion and what attracted us to it in the first place. But sometimes it can feel a bit too much; an overload of little black dresses, denim and heels.

Research shows that too many options result in an unsatisfied feeling with whatever you have chosen out of the endless sea of possibilities. Knowing there are so many other choices you could’ve made, makes us doubt about the choice we did make. But there’s also an upside to this era of have-it-all: we have the freedom to pick the styles that suit us. Finding your style is liberating: it’s actually easier to be creative with your look when you’ve set some limits. But… we’re a restless bunch…

Every once in a while my carefully selected style starts to feel like a grumpy old man. And that’s the time when I sit behind my computer, ignore my to-do list and go on a frantic online shopping session. One result of such a session were these over the knee boots. Perfect flat boots, suede, hugely discounted and so not me. But here’s what I love about it: combined with something that is me, a look emerges that feels fresh and well, less grumpy. This structured denim dress has my name written all over it: a structured shape, cool details and it’s versatile (it’s by a young brand called HANNAH). And even though I sometimes long for being someone completely else, I think I’ll stick to small changes for 2016.

I’m wearing:
HANNAH dress | Mango blazer
COS roll neck | Marc Jacobs boots