Copenhagen Fashion Week Diary


Since Copenhagen Fasion Week was a last minute decision, we decided to take the car and drive to Copenhagen instead of flying there. Uncool foldable bikes in the back of the car and we were ready to go.

Fastforward 8 hours later and we were just in time for the first show: LaLaBerlin. We parked the car in a random spot and ran in hour heels to City Hall Copenhagen, the venue of many shows including LaLaBerlin (those earrings!) and Henrik Vibskov later that evening.


After the first show and an eight hour drive, we couldn’t be happier to finally get some decent food and relax a bit in hour apartment. And I don’t know what the Danish people do: but every single place I stayed at is picture perfect. This one is no excepetion… Having way too much fun with my sister by the way. We finally have some time to catch up!


Henrik Vibskov delivered once again! I always love his shows cause they are truly ‘shows’ and he has a very strong signature.

Besides the shows, the streetstyle was picture perfect as well. Copenhagen has this relaxed vibe, and its inhabitants seem to know exactly how to dress casual while still keeping things intersting.

I was the idiot who brought way too little¬†clothes with her, and hardly any consistent looks. I don’t know what went wrong, but all the deadlines before going must’ve elimanated my packing skills…