TRAVEL | 19 August 2015

Copenhagen Food Fest & Finding the balance

This year I intend to travel as much as I can. Visiting other countries and exploring new landscapes always is one of those things I love to do most, but work and ambition often got in the way. Now, I’m not telling you I’m throwing everything away (I’m still ambitious), but life is about creating memories and I’m going to try to create a better balance in my life. Travel wise 2015 is looking pretty good. I’ve visited Paris, Copenhagen and the South of France, spend 5 weeks in the US and for September Helsinki and Italy or on the agenda as well. But balance wise I’m not there yet. Traveling more, but still having to put all the necessary hours of work in, equals working around the clock.

The people close to me are starting to get worried and think I should relax once in a while. And I couldn’t agree more. But taking a step back, also means I can’t deliver the quantity and quality that I’m used to. Decisions, decisions, decisions… Take last fashion week for example. I loved visiting Copenhagen with my sister and acting like a classic tourist besides all the fashion week madness. But because I made the choice to enjoy myself a bit more and spend less time behind the computer, I’m now behind with my posts. And I can tell you: that doesn’t feel good.

So, I hope you guys forgive me for only sharing my Copenhagen experience with you now. Which I can be brief about actually, cause all we did was eat (mjam!). I thought my boyfriend was a foodie and I was just tagging along, but it turns out I slowly turned into a food snob as well. Damn, they have some fine restaurants! Cute lunchspots in Norrebro (we’ve visited Auto regularly), the meatpacking district (go to the food market for a Sunday brunch, you’ll love it!) and Nimb Brasserie located next to Tivoli (hello oysters and triple chocolate deserts). Did I already mention I could easily see myself living here? I did? Well, it’s true: I could very easily see myself living here…