MINIMAL FASHION | 23 February 2015

Cropped flared jeans & Kara backpack

My partner in crime Liza and I are always on the same page. Business wise (we run a company together) and life wise. But when she saw me happily dragging these trousers to the dressing room, she started to question my sanity. And I can -sort of- see that she has a point, but I ended up buying the trousers anyway. Hello cropped flared jeans!

I’m lucky that my boyfriend doesn’t really care. He actually likes most of the pieces in my closet, no matter if they are hiding any curves or not. Or… maybe he just lost all hope and the only thing left was accepting the situation (come to think of it, this does make more sense).

Mmm…. Let’s move on to a saver subject: all black, all leather and blissfully minimal. So happy with my new Kara backpack! We’re going to be best buddies this Spring, I know it!

I’m wearing:
&OtherStories wool top | H&M flared jeans
Kara x Ssense backpack | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers
Mango sunglasses (old) | Ming Yu Wang ring | Daniel Wellington watch