MINIMAL FASHION | 7 April 2015

Culottes & winter layers

Bought these culottes trousers last year and wore them way too much. This Winter it was a bit too cold for bare ankles and I forgot all about them. But love the fact that even though flare is all the hype (and I’m crazy in love), I’m still wearing my pop jeans and culottes trousers as well. I remember a certain period right around high school when it was so wrong to wear different kind of shapes. There was only one shape allowed, and if you weren’t wearing it you better stay at home that day. Was it just my high school or are times really changing for the better?

I’m wearing:
&OtherStories trousers | &OtherStories top
H&M coat | Alexander Wang belt baga
Diego Dolcini heels | Mango sunglasses