Minimal artwork by Daniel Arsham

The way Daniel Arsham incorporates the architecture with his artwork, captured my attention the minute I saw one of his pieces while browsing mindlessly. Unexpected and fresh, stripped down to a minimal piece of timelessness.

Daniel Arsham plays with our familiar surroundings and challenges our perception of physical space. By letting solid walls ripple for example. Daniel also collaborated with the well known Paris based store Colette and artists such as Pharell Williams. In the video below Pharell and Daniel explain how they started working together in an art project where Daniel remakes well known objects to convey time.

P.S. If you happen to be in Paris today, you might be lucky as Colette is selling the Future Relic clock: a clock that is made out of plaster and broken glass. 

“What I do is either black and white, and there is an attention to detail that is very specific within the work. The color palet of what I do often times is coming from the materials that I work with.”