TRAVEL | 14 May 2015

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

These last few days we’ve unexpectedly found ourselves in Phoenix. There was some bad weather coming up and since we’re on holidays, we’re doing pretty much everything the get as much sunny days as we can. So the valley of sun made a lot of sense when we saw the weather reports. And before we knew it we were on a detour to Phoenix.

Although Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona, it is not much of a metropol. There aren’t a lot of cool shops around, but they do have some cool stuff and my favourite was the Desert Botanical Garden. Cacti and succulents everywhere, what more could you wish for right! Loved wandering around and learning a thing or two about desert life. We’re now well prepared for Death Valley I’d like to think ;) Our next destination, blistering sun here we come!

P.S. Well, we’ve already did one hike in Death Valley but got a flat tire. We had to drive all the way to Vegas to get the right replacement. Tomorrow we’ll be heading back though. Death Valley part two… ;)