Designkwartier Den Haag 2015

Designkwartier Den Haag kicked off three days of expositions and pop-up shops Yesterday (may 29-31). Designs by young entrepreneurs, mixed with established brands in a cool area of Den Haag: Zeeheldenkwartier. Needless to say we had an amazing day! If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely stop by (well, even if you’re not in the neighborhood you just have make some room in your busy schedule this weekend).

Some highlights:
1. Mae engelgeer
Some of you know Mae Engelgeer through her collaboration with Hay (she made those neon colored towels). This year she’s using a more muted color palette. Definitely go take a look and try to stop yourself from buying the perfect fluffy blankets.

Mary Hessing (Editor of the Dutch magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur) and her husband Toon Lauwen offer you the unique opportunity to visit their home: an old milk factory with an eclectic collection of vintage, new Dutch and Danish design ( You’ll come out feeling very envious…

3. Edwin Pelser + Muuto
Edwin Pelser is one of the founders of Designkwartier and owner of a beautiful store which is a must-see (bought the wooden bowl by Milo Dool there). Next door is pop-up store Muuto.

4. Yurt Store
In Yurt store you’ll find numerous young designers, among them Hozan Zangana: a refugee from Irak. His background and his search for new shapes form the basis for his designs. And I absolutely loved it (see first, third and last picture)!

5. Grafische Winkel
The idea behind this shop is to sell free work by young graphic designers. From a screen printing installation by Remy Zandbergen, to almost marbleized prints by Studio Haze (couldn’t stop myself and had to buy a notebook).

6. Spruitje
Love the name: Dutch for Brussel Sprouts. In Spruitje you’ll find hundreds of ideas to bring nature inside, including a little greenhouse that has its own microclimate.

7. Plant Power
Plant power (initiative of Veggie in Pumps) shows us how you can style plants, leaves and flowers for a minimal interior, from a complete plant-covered table to minimal posters (see second last picture).