TRAVEL | 31 May 2016

Dipping your toes in Scandinavian waters

On this rainy depressing day in March I booked tickets to Stockholm on impulse. Sweden in May wasn’t the safest bet, so we rented a car to make sure we could drive somewhere where the sun was shining. But it turned out that Stockholm was showing its best side, so we ditched the rental car and took the boat instead. Finally we had the chance to visit the Stockholm archipelago!

The boat trip to the islands felt like we were on a proper holiday. Leaving the city, cruising through countless small islands and seeing more and more nature. After 1,5 hour we reached our destination: Svartsö. A tiny island with hardly anything to do besides relaxing, walking around and enjoying the sea views. And boy were we excited when we saw where we were staying: in one of the Svartsö Logi tents! Just look at the picture above to see how perfect the location was, and don’t get me started about the tent itself. We even had a wood burner INSIDE the tent. I never was this exciting for the sun to set.

After an amazing dinner at the Svartsö Krog (excellent restaurant from the same owners), we finally saw the sun set (the sun hardly sets by the way, I woke up at 4am and thought I could photograph the sun rising but I had to check my watch several times to make sure it was 4am and not 7 am). But nonetheless, it was finally time to light the wood burner. Which resulted in a smokey tent in no-time… Side story: every time we fail at making a fire, I still hear this American dude in my head which we met on our first US road trip. “The boy doesn’t know his fire“. Luckily he taught us a thing or two. Although apparently not enough. Anyway, we did enjoy the view (and in the end succeeded at making a non-smokey fire, all was good).

The next day (after my disappointing sun rising photograph mission and some extra hours of sleep) we decided to start the day fresh with a dip in the sea. There are no showers near the tents, but there is special shampoo and shower gel that you can use in the sea so we just went for it. It was incredibly, couldn’t breathe, tingling legs cold. But it was the best start of the day! Once we were out of the water, we were immediately warm. Even though the temperature outside wasn’t all that cracked up to be in the early morning. And best of all: you feel right awake, ready to tackle another day… of doing absolutely nothing. Sigh. Not even mentioning the breakfast which arrived in a basket and consisted of freshly baked bread.

Was not looking forward to leaving. Even the weather was gloomy when we left the island.

Want to pay a visit?
If you happen to be in Stockholm while the sun is out, do make at least a day trip to the Stockholm Archipelago. You can check this website for more information. For a day trip I would recommend taking the ferry to the island Grinda which is about 1 hour (we took the Waxholmsbolaget Cinderella ferry which stops at several islands such as Grinda and Svartsö, you can pay on the boat). Make sure you are at the right harbor in Stockholm as there are several and be on time, the ferries don’t depart that regularly. If you have more time, I’d absolutely recommend staying at the Svartsö Logi and spend some time there. You won’t be disappointed!